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Saturday, November 19, 2011

West Bend SENDIK'S: The Party and The Secret

(Fresh string beans 99 cent/lb. See below.)

I had my first opportunity to get over to the new Sendik's Food Market in West Bend today. If you haven't been there yet, you're in for a treat. The store is arranged in traditional Sendik's style with a vast array of perfect produce that pleases the eye from the moment you begin the walk through the store. Dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, all neatly stacked with an outrageous plethora of selections. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly, whether it's someone who is stocking products or serving behind the meat/bakery counters, checking out, bagging...

Here is what I noticed most profoundy...it was like going to a party. The countenance of the employees was catching in a most festive manner. Couples, families and friends were chatting and laughing in nearly every aisle. It was what one could document as a "warm and fuzzy" experience. :-)

Now, for the secret....

From time to time I am known to drop in on the Sendik's in Germantown to get a glob of their homemade pizza dough. Actually, it's not Sendik's per se, it's made by Sciortino's Bakery in Milwaukee, and the stuff is phenomenally mouth-pleasing. I normally make all my own yeast breads, doughs, rolls, etc. I seldom stray from anything short of scratch bakery. This is the one exception, and rightfully so. I cannot make a better pizza crust. Simple as that. I believe this dough is made with a high-gluten flour. The flavor, texture and eye appeal all add up, and the price is right, too, at $1.97 for one crust that makes an 18"-20" diameter pizza. I'm adding a picture of what was left of our lunch today. This crust is so easy to work with. Just lightly grease your pizza pan with shortening (Crisco; not oil, and not cooking spray). Gently stretch the dough, then lay flat on pan and work it to the edges with your fingers. It's extremely pliable and I have never torn a single crust. Spread on your favorite sauce, toppings and cheese... Bake at 400 until golden.

You'll find the secret pizza crust near the Bakery in the cooler where the cakes are stored, bottom left shelf.... shhhh!!!!

Sendik's had out a sample of their own recipe of "Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato Salad Dressing." No MSG, low in sugar, 0 fat, 40 calories per 2 Tbsp, superior flavor. Yep. I bought it.

Sendik's has already gotten off to a great start in West Bend (click and scroll down to "Rain Gardens Lauded"). It's easy to ascertain why.

GIGANTIC blackberries are 99 cents/lb. Wow ---no limit!
Fresh string beans - 99 cents/lb. Freezing some today. (See mess o' beans above.)

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Mary said...

Thanks for review on SENDIK'S. I'll have to check it out next time I'm back in West Bend.