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Monday, June 15, 2009

Gossip Girls challenged in Orlando Public Library - Series carried in WB library

Well. Sounds like we aren't the only ones... Though the media is using the word "banned" for higher ratings, let there be no mistake. They are not asking for banning. They are asking for the same thing WE are asking for: move the books to the adult section, require parental consent, or the like, help to identify, etc. A little parental assistance and adult responsibility. Hats off to these Orlando parents!


SafeLibraries® said...

Gossip Girls. You know how you always hear about conservative Christians opposing these books? Are you constantly attacked for that, Ginny? Well that's an excuse, as you know. See what Naomi Wolf said about these books in the New York Times. Then see how the ALA called them substandard but created a reading list for girls to get more anyway. It's so nice the ALA provides proper guidance for our children so we can rely on the ALA, right?

Judi Wheeldon- Activist said...

This book series is also made available in the young adult section at the Council Bluffs public library in Iowa.

It's not surprising though as the library has recommended sex books to teens because it's a "teens favorite obsession."


Georgiana said...

I can help you identify!! Easiest thing in the world.

Read a book before you give it to your kid. Turn on the parental part of your brain. Evaluate book. Decide if book is suitable for your child. Pass on or return to library.


No fuss, no muss, no need to involve others.

You're welcome!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Why do you want to entrust the content of your children's reading material to public librarians? Is it just laziness? Are you illiterate and therefore incapable of monitoring the material yourself?
I'm just trying to understand.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how any small group of people thinks they have the right to move books from one section to another. The books were placed in their sections by professional librarians who know what they are doing. Just because you feel that the book doesn't belong in the YA section because you deem it inappropriate for your child does not mean that another YA will not benefit from that book.

The Board was right not to move the books. If individuals do not want their children reading these books then do not allow your children to read them. However, allowing your bias to affect the rest of the community is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that you all watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8aLRBhNUmo
It was made by Maureen Johnson, the author of Bermudez Triangle (one of the books that they want removed from the YA adult section along with GG). Yes, it's sarcastic at parts - it's meant to be entertaining. However, it delivers a very strong point that some of you should consider.